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ACIPAdvisory Committee on Immunization Practices
ACIPAdvisory Council on Intellectual Property
ACIPAmerican Council on International Personnel
ACIPAsian Classics Input Project
ACIPAviation Career Incentive Pay
ACIPAsymptomatic Cardiac Ischemia Pilot
ACIPAirport Capital Improvement Program
ACIPAssociation des Cadres de l'Industrie Pharmaceutique
ACIPAnglican Council of Indigenous Peoples
ACIPAmerican College of International Physicians
ACIPAerodynamic Coefficient Identification Package (NASA)
ACIPArts and Culture Indicators in Community Building Project
ACIPArizona Counties Insurance Pool (Phoenix, AZ)
ACIPAugered Cast-In-Place Piles (construction foundations)
ACIPAssociation of Counter-Intelligence Professionals
ACIPATM Cable Interface Processor
ACIPAssembly Configuration and Integration Panel
ACIPAutomated COSAL Improvement Program
ACIPAerodynamic Coefficient Instrumentation Package (Space Shuttle)
ACIPAir Characteristics Improvement Panel
ACIPAir Conditioning Improvement Program
ACIPArmament Control Indicator Panel
ACIPAttack Center Indicator Panel
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In conjunction, the data from the company's studies of people vaccinated with Shingrix, who were previously vaccinated with Zostavax, have been presented to the ACIP and have been published in peer-reviewed journals, but have not yet been reviewed by the US FDA.
The ACIP Meningococcal Vaccines Work Group identified studies of the comparative immunogenicity, safety, and antibody persistence of 2- and 3-dose schedules of MenB-FHbp vaccine by consulting with the manufacturer and searching PubMed using the search terms "meningococcal serogroup B vaccine," "Trumenba," and "MenB-FHbp.
ACIP comprises a Steering Group supported by Working Groups which will look into specific risk areas and topics relevant to ML/TF.
A draft was prepared and presented at the ACIP meeting, at which the changes were unanimously approved by the 14-member advisory committee.
In June 2011, the ACIP changed its recommendation to one dose of the vaccine during pregnancy in women who had never received it before.
We have never considered separation, because that would totally offend the wisdom and advice of our elders," responded ACIP co-chair Archdeacon Sidney Black.
ACIP has recommended PPSV23 for older adults since 2010.
In addition, vaccination information can be found at the ACIP Web site: cdc.
Immediately following the ACIP proceedings, at least two major nationwide insurers, Aetna and WellPoint, announced that they will cover the vaccine for the categories of girls and women included within the ACIP recommendations.
The ACIP recommendation is an attempt to balance the risk of the vaccine in an environment where there is an absence of any confirmed smallpox and the risk assessment for an attack using smallpox is low.