ACIPCOAmerican Cast Iron Pipe Company
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His legacy will live on through the future successes of the ACIPCO Federal Credit Union, which he helped set in motion by his foresight, wisdom and knack for what customer service really means.
The United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama granted the summary judgment requests, finding that Farley had failed to show that Gann's actions were so pervasive that ACIPCO had to have knowledge of them.
ACIPCO loves to bandy about its company motto: the Golden Rule, or "do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
ACIPCO Recycling, which opened in 1991, shreds and recycles old automobiles, white goods, aluminum cans and other metal products.
ACIPCO will continue to serve those markets, in addition to providing a source of valve, fire hydrant and fire pump components for ACIPCO's American Flow Control Div.
Current ACIPCO wellness program offerings include: the Well Body Club (employee wellness screening), diabetes management, stress management, tobacco cessation, physical activity classes, nutrition education, CPR classes and on-site physical and occupational therapy.
For the ACIPCO story, the opposite is true as it is now considered a benchmark for all American business.
In addition, ACIPCO is now able to both melt and smelt iron in the same furnace system (producing 80 tons
ACIPCO reports the roughly $600,000 a year it spends on wellness translates into a $1.
To complete the Year 2000 conversion project at ACIPCO, American Software used Milligration(sm), a seven-step process to renovate the system and convert data in place.