ACIRAdvisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (Washington, DC)
ACIRAgricultural Coalition for Immigration Reform
ACIRAdvisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (various universities)
ACIRAdvanced Computational Infrastructure and Research
ACIRAdjacent Channel Interference Ratio
ACIRAdvanced Certified Internet Recruiter (certification)
ACIRAutomated Check Issue Reporting
ACIRAvailability Centered Inventory Rule
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Although these new findings hold consistent with trends identified in research previously performed by the ACIR since the 1970s, the 2000 results shed new light on public perceptions of local government in the new millennium.
Another problem in using ACIR tax capacities is that each year's tax bases are weighted by a contemporaneous set of national tax rates.
4% 5 South Dakota -- -- -- -- -- Wyoming -- -- -- -- -- Source: ACIR, Significant Features of Fiscal Federalism, 1992, Vol.
The findings have tended to support the conclusion that private producers of local public services are more efficient than public producers of the same services (Savas 1982, 1987; ACIR 1987).
ACIR uses a number of methods for comparing tax systems.
As such, the mission of ACIR is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of all parties involved in the selection, assignment or establishment of third party ratings and to provide an opportunity for all parties to communicate with one another.
Weissert, whose early career included seven years at ACIR, maintains that the disappearance of these kinds of institutions is "one of the really bad things" that has happened over the past several years and particularly laments the loss of intergovernmental research.
Muhammad Shoaib Suddle has recommended to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to direct the Commissioner to issue refund / compensation due, in accordance with law, institute disciplinary proceedings against ACIR Qaiser Naeem, as per law; and report compliance within 30 days.
The ACIR (1963), whose report seems to have driven much of the research over the decades that followed, had disregarded any differences due to political pressure on the grounds that constituents could just as easily pressure the assessor's appointer(s) for lower assessments.
at 127 (Daniel Patrick Moynihan on the dissolution of the ACIR: "[T]he ACIR does important, if largely unheralded, work.