ACIRAdvisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (Washington, DC)
ACIRAgricultural Coalition for Immigration Reform
ACIRAdvisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (various universities)
ACIRAdvanced Computational Infrastructure and Research
ACIRAdjacent Channel Interference Ratio
ACIRAdvanced Certified Internet Recruiter (certification)
ACIRAutomated Check Issue Reporting
ACIRAvailability Centered Inventory Rule
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Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) (1993), and Krane et al.
Pero estas cifras contrastan con las de Ipsos, que, utilizando el mismo criterio de comparativo de noticiarios de radio--todo el dia, rating ABC 18 + anos L-V, INRA, enero 2019--, coloca en primer lugar a Aristegui, de Radio Centro; en segundo, a Alejandro Villalvazo-Inaki Manero, de Acir, y en tercero registra un empate de Julio Hernandez y la dupla Gabriela Warkentin-Javier Risco, de Televisa Radio.
Grupo ACIR's stations include popular national brands such as "Amor," which focuses on Latin Pop ballads; "La Comadre," focusing on the grupero style of regional Mexican music; and Classic Hits "MIX," which features English-language pop and rock from the 1980s and can be heard in 13 markets across Mexico.
First, the paper examines effects from two families of TELs on local governments: property tax limitations and general revenue-expenditure limitations (ACIR, 1995; Briffault, 2002; Gelfand et al., 2007; Mullins & Wallin, 2004; Yuan et al., 2009).
El personaje de Brozo resultaba muy contrastante para lo que usualmente presentaba el Grupo ACIR (Asociacion de Concesionarios Independientes de Radio), que era un grupo serio y formal.
A parameter named ACIR (adjacent channel interference ratio) is used to measure the overall ACI and defined as the ratio of the total power transmitted from an aggressor transmitter to the total interference power affecting a victim receiver in the adjacent channel.
Michael Bird's Washington career began in the latter half of Ronald Reagan's presidency, when the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) was a vital forum for discussion and research among state, federal and local officials.
Acir Fillo is calling for more cameras to be installed in public offices to monitor clocks.
The director added that Descuento Libre's collaborations with Mexican radio broadcaster Grupo Acir and with the television sales company Innova support the companya[euro](tm)s growth and allow it to engage local, national, and international brands with Latinos in both the US and emerging Latin American markets.
Though Nixon did not mention a federal VAT in his State of the Union speech, he did mention it in the charge he issued to the bipartisan Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) that same day.