ACISSAdvisory Committee on the International Space Station
ACISSAll Canadian Inspection & Safety Services (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)
ACISSAlliance for Competitive International Satellite Services
ACISSAssurance Certified Inspection & Safety Services (Canada)
ACISSAugmented Criminal Investigation Support System
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Though analysis of this data continues, preliminary and anecdotal results point to the tremendous potential that secure, interactive communication tools can provide for three primary healthcare stakeholders - caregivers, patients and providers Benefits noted by participants included that they: 1) felt more knowledgeable about available resources and 2) felt ACISS helped address concerns, worries and anxieties.
One study participant, whose wife has AD and is bedridden, referred to the ACISS program as a `godsend.
As a 74-year old male caregiver participating in the ACISS field trials put it, "I'm taking care of my wife 24/7, 365 days a year and that this will make my life easier.
Its ACISS software combines state-of-the-art information management and on-line data query capabilities with paperless data entry.