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ACITA Crack in Time (Ratchet and Clank Future; gaming)
ACITAssociazione Culturale Italo Tedesca (Italian: Italian-German Cultural Association)
ACITAssociation of Chemical Industry of Texas
ACITAcademic Consortium on International Trade
ACITAl Ahram Center for Interpreting & Translation (Cairo, Egypt)
ACITAddiction Counselor in Training
ACITAssociation of Christians in Information Technology (UK)
ACITAdditional Commissioner of Income Tax (India)
ACITAdvancement in Commerce, Industry and Technology
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6 (g) (a) ACIT (2004, 2008), Meloska (2006), USAID (2006), Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises of Montenegro (2007), APMR (2007), Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007), Republic of Macedonia (2007'), Republic of Montenegro (2007), Republic of Serbia (2007), Croatian Chamber of Economy (2008), Republic of Croatia (2008'), Romania National Institute of Statistics (2008x), and Serbian Business Registers Agency (2008).
ACIT is one of Long Island's oldest and largest networking organizations.
Chris Harris, managing director of pps ACIT, joins Bentley Jennison as a partner and brings with him a team of more than 50 internal audit professionals.
Current law, specifically, Rewards for Information Concerning Terrorist Acts and Espionage, (11) employs the same definition for terrorism as the 1984 ACIT.
He received the award at the ACIT Annual Awards Banquet, held earlier this month.
Having anticipated that the technological revolution of electronics would transform the watch industry, Heuer pioneered electronic timekeeping and helped launch several of the world's first electronic timing instruments including the Microtimer (1966), a low-cost timing instrument accurate to 1/1000th of a second; the Microsplit 800 (1972), a handheld quartz stopwatch accurate to 1/100th of a second and the ACIT (1976), an Automatic Car Identification and Timing system.
In addition to the potential for cost savings, a portion of the dollars saved on the buying pool's energy contracts will go back to TCC and ACIT to support association activities.
AXMEDIS consortium consists of over 40 partners (among them: TISCALI, EUTELSAT, Telecom Italia, TEO, ELION, HP, BBC, Giunti ILABS, ACIT, EXITECH, etc.
The company is currently traded on the over the counter markets of the National Association of Securities Dealer's Electronic Bulletin Board under the symbol: ACIT.