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(75,78) Rarely, PA can show a predominance of plasmacytoid cells with oncocytoid cytoplasm, which, when combined with positive DOG1 and SOX10 IHC results, could lead to an erroneous diagnosis of AciCC. In this situation, p63 and S100 can be helpful as sensitive myoepithelial markers that are usually positive in PA and negative in AciCC.
(53) Data on the biologic behavior of MASC is still being collected, but there are indications that MASC may have a slightly more-aggressive behavior than AciCC has, with a greater frequency of lymph node metastasis; if that is confirmed, more-precise preoperative classification may be useful in selecting patients for neck dissection in a neck that otherwise has clinically and radiographically negative results.
SOXIO and DOG1 immunohistochemistry in acinic cell carcinoma (AciCC).