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ACK ACKAnti-Aircraft Fire
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RAF Blaennanerch also had Hawker Henley two-seaters which towed targets over the Bofors Light Ack Ack Camp at Aberporth.There was also a flight of Avro Ansons with trainee navigators there.
The ack ack guns and the sound of enemy planes overhead, terrifying to an eight-year-old kid.
But the Christmas spirit was alive and well at a local ack ack camp which was visited by an Evening Chronicle reporter.
Whittingham was champion trainer for the second time with $1,737,115; his horses included Ack Ack (Horse of the Year in the inaugural Eclipse Awards), Cougar and Turkish Trousers.
She was employed first as a telephonist and then trained to spot German planes for our anti-aircraft 'Ack Ack' guns in the North East of England, braving terrifying Doodlebugs.
The lady in question's name is Isabella Payne, who in 1944 approximately was in ATS 536 heavy Ack Ack Battery stationed at Dalmeny, South Queensferry.
Twenty five female soldiers from 101 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery, known as the Ack Ack Command, will be meeting up at Imphal Barracks in York.
Shoemaker, a hugely popular personality , was also connected with top horses Gallant Man, Sword Dancer, Damascus, Gun Bow, Spectacular Bid, Bold Bidder, Round Table, Ack Ack, Exceller, John Henry, Forego, Candy Spots, Jaipur, Gamely and Cicada.
I sat, armed with a rifle, with my Local Defence Volunteers unit nervously listening to the terrifying sounds of ack ack guns and the menacing two-stroke hum of the German Luftwaffe bombing Clydeside, while anxiously waiting for the German paratroopers to invade Govan.
The VES party entertained servicemen and women in various venues including Elton Hall, Wynyard Hall, Kiora and numerous Ack Ack sites, including Saltwell's and Brambles Farm.
Ack Ack led all the way under Bill Shoemaker in his last race, the Hollywood Gold Cup.
The pair first played together in December, 1942, when they were in a South Wales team against Ack Ack Command at St Helen's in Swansea.