ACLDAlachua County Library District (Gainesville, FL)
ACLDactive constrained layer damping
ACLDAdults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities (formerly Association for Children with Learning Disabilities)
ACLDAgency for Christian Literature Development (formerly Christian Literature Fund)
ACLDAssociation of Children with Learning Disabilities
ACLDArbitration of Company Law Disputes
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THE ACLD, which provides services and education to children and adults with learning disabilities and related disorders, expects to use about $12 million in tax-exempt bonds and $277,000 in taxable bonds for the two projects.
The ACLD was established on May 20, 1999, when its charter was approved by under secretary of state for management, Bonnie R.
After receiving the first report by the ACLD--"A World of Decent Work: Labor Diplomacy for the New Century"--and having a couple of months to evaluate its recommendations, Secretary Albright stated at the November 8, 2000, meeting of the ACLD, "I am absolutely convinced after four years of doing this job that we can't have a successful U.
All of the ACLD knees demonstrated some evidence of OA changes such as joint space narrowing within 12 years following their ACL injury (Segawa et al.
ACLD (Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities), a not-for-profit organization, announced that it has purchased The Mark Country Day School and Camp in Bay Shore.
We must not forget the contribution that parents and other interested individuals have made to the establishment of the ACLD, for example.
1 Agreement: The contract executed by the ACLD and the Contractor for the performance of the work.
Researchers have discussed the musculoskeletal deficits that may lead to the alterations in functional activities in the patients with ACLD deficiency.
A pretested questionnaire was published in the January 1989 ACLD Newsbriefs, the national newsletter of the Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities, now known as the Learning Disability Association of America.
ACLD recognizes that twenty years have passed since the condition or Specific Learning Disabilities was defined in federal legislation as a handicap.
1 The awarded Contractor will be under the direct supervision of the Facilities Management Division and ACLD Facilities Department personnel for work assignments.
Increasing numbers of students with learning disabilities are pursuing postsecondary education in community colleges and traditional 4-year higher education institutions (Adult Committee of the Association of Children with Learning Disabilities, ACLD, 1982; Decker, Polloway, & Decker, 1985; Ostertag, Baker, Howard, & Best, 1982; Ugland & Duane, 1976; White et al.