ACLIAmerican Council of Life Insurers
ACLIAmerican Council of Life Insurance
ACLIAssociazioni Cristiane Lavoratori Italiani (Italy)
ACLIAnterior Cruciate Ligament Injury
ACLIAda Command Language Interpretation
ACLIAdministrative Command-Line Interface
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The ACLI team has included updated on topics such as life insurance company assets, the annuities sector, and life expectancy.
ACLI filed the letter in response to questions posted by DOL, which attracted 400 comments from a wide range of stakeholders.
In July, Dirk Kempthorne, the president of the ACLI, put out a statement encouraging Congress to approve the TPP as quickly as possible.
The ACLI argued in the comments that the availability of cash value "keeps premiums steady throughout the life of the contract, and can also pay for the premiums during tough and uncertain times.
This ACLI technology was developed by industry and is another demonstration that, left unhampered by excess government rules, the market works to produce safer products.
The ACLI also said that the FSOC in designating MetLife failed to account for the basic differences between banks, on the one hand, and insurance companies, on the other, including differences in the products offered, the liabilities assumed, and the economic risks respectively faced by banks and insurers.
will serve as immediate past chairman of the ACLI in the coming year.
The ACLI also presented a follow-up survey of state insurance regulation in its remarks Dec.
This difficult situation began as an effort by the ACLI to urge the NAIC to quickly implement nine capital relief measures which, it asserts, are overly conservative and need to be liberalized to flee up life insurer capital in these difficult financial times.
The estimate for banks is derived by applying ACLI restructuring percentages to FDIC bank data.
Officials at the ACLI would not comment on Tuesday.