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After a free-fall lasting about two minutes, Aikins at the last second flipped onto his back and hit the net, which Aclin said was suspended 200 feet (61 meters) above ground with a secondary net below it.
"If we talk to a new owner of an existing property or a new development, their goal is a long-term, stable solution for their property," Aclin says.
Even after a master lease expires, students often still see the community as part of the university, creating the opportunity for sustained occupancy, Aclin says.
Even if they're looking for a master lease, student housing managers will be better received if they don't go to the university and ask for their business right away, Aclin says.
To create such positive relationships with the local university, Collegiate Management Group's Vice President and Division Director Christina Aclin recommends student housing managers understand the university's goals.
"The university wants to make sure students are safe and that they have the same quality of living that that would on campus," Aclin says.
If an admissions office wants higher graduation rates, for instance, Aclin says a community can bring academic advisors for an event to help juniors and seniors figure out what they need to graduate.
Most of the land is part of property assembled by the Aclin family in deals totaling more than $439,000.
"The leasing process eases the job of the leasing associate and makes it interactive for the resident," Aclin says.
"They can see every inch of the community online," Aclin says.
Aclin claims that, in such an eventuality, the federal government would have to decide if a mine on the park land constituted a conversion from recreational use.