ACLRAtlantic Coast Line Railroad (1900-1967)
ACLRAsynchronous Clear
ACLRAdjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio
ACLRAnterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
ACLRAmerican Criminal Law Review (Georgetown University Law Center publication)
ACLRArmored Core Last Raven (video game)
ACLRAmateur Cross Link Repeater
ACLRAthlétic Club La Roche
ACLRAccess Control, Logging, and Reporting
ACLRAutomated Circuit Layout Record
ACLRAmerican Center for Legislative Reform
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the subject of the public contract is the construction of the work ii / 300 - prkenn dul - krlovec - crossroads with i / 16 and ii / 300 aclr - crossroads at the hotel sport .
The ACLR participants were soccer players from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd division Polish soccer leagues (trained 11-14 hours per week).
Surgical Procedures Undergone by Patients AlterG Control TKA 17 15 ACLR 3 2 Other 5 7 Abbreviations: ACLR, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; TKA, total knee arthroplasty.
TCRS and ACLR surveyed 1,600 self-employed workers from 15 countries for the report.
The ACLR is a measure of the OOB performance of the interfering transmitter.
Age Gender Surgery Comorbid diagnosis 1 17 Male Synovectomy None 2 22 Male ACLR None 3 29 Female ACLR None 4 33 Male ACLR + MR None 5 35 Female ACLR None ACRL: anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; MR: meniscal repair.
In one such previous study, it was reported that increased graft size did not improve the time zero biomechanical stability of the knee after ACL reconstruction (ACLR).
Research from Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS), in collaboration with Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement (ACLR), titled "A Retirement Wake-Up Call: The Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey 2016," shows that people expect to live for 20 years in full retirement, but the reality is, for many, that will not be possible.
Abbreviations ACL --Anterior Cruciate Ligament QOL --Quality of Life WHO --World Health Organization OA --Osteoarthritis HRQOL --Health Related Quality of Life ACLR --Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation KCV --Clinical Center of Vojvodina UDK 616.728.3-018.3-001
Patellar tendon or semitendinosus tendon autografts for ACLR: a prospective randomized study with a two-year followup.
eds., (2000) The Collaborative Imperative: Librarians and Faculty Working Together in the Information Universe (Chicago: ACLR); Farber, D.
Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS), a division of the Transamerica Institute, a nonprofit, private foundation, said that in collaboration with the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement (ACLR), it has released a new report entitled Homemakers Are Not Off the Hook: How Should They Be Planning for Retirement?, which offers perspectives on the retirement outlook of 1,600 self-described homemakers spanning 15 countries around the world.