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ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union
ACLUAnti-Christian Litigation Unit
ACLUAmerican College of Life Underwriters (now American College; insurance)
ACLUAfghan Construction & Logistics Unit
ACLUAdult and Community Learning Unit (UK)
ACLUAdventurous Cowboys Living Underwater (Prairie Home Companion)
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The ACLU only identified Still in the (https://acluco-wpengine.
Following the settlement, Kansasborn AlKidd said in an ACLU statement that he was pleased the US government had finally acknowledged and compensated him for the trouble that the arrest put him through and hoped that no one else has to go through what I went through.
The ACLU said politicians sometimes campaign on traffic islands.
In a statement, the ACLU expressed mixed feelings about the appellate panel's action on the case.
The suit, filed by the national and Massachusetts branches of the ACLU against the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, comes after they failed to release records within the 20 working day deadline for Freedom of Information Act requests.
We want to set the record straight and give a full reporting of the problem," ACLU spokesman Brian Willoughby said in an interview last week.
The ACLU letter said programs that advise students to wait until marriage to have sex discriminate against gays.
The ACLU lost its suit to protect welfare recipients from searches without warrants by investigators from the District Attorney's office.
First, it says the entire issue involves a state secret and therefore the lawsuits filed by the ACLU, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Greenpeace, and others should all be tossed out.
Instead, they assert, the ACLU routinely attacks the clause, and does so as part of an agenda to remake America along progressive if not communist lines.
The memos confirmed what the ACLU had been suspecting and working to uncover--that government agencies have been spying on activists critical of the Bush administration and its war.