ACLUMAmerican Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts
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See generally SAFE HOMES BROCHURE, supra note 9 (describing details of Safe Homes); ACLUM, supra note 44 (attempting to further educate residents about program); The Blackstonian, People's Report, http://prophecycommunications.
The ACLUM has made this material available in both English and Spanish.
See ACLUM, supra note 44, at 1 (claiming retaliation for refusing consent a big concern); Mass Lawyers Weekly Staff, supra note 10 (noting parents fear no future police aid in response to withholding consent); see also supra note 114 and accompanying text (discussing Court's failure to take real fear associated with refusing consent into account).
See ACLUM, supra note 44, at 1-2 (expressing concern police will not ensure residents understand all consequences).
See ACLUM, supra note 44, at 2 (citing concerns regarding immigration).
See ACLUM, supra note 44, at 2 (outlining negative consequences associated with Safe Homes).
See ACLUM, supra note 44, at 2 (fearing school officers would share certain information with school if aware).
The ACLUM clams that juveniles will be suspended if the school principle determines that the juveniles "continued presence in school would have a substantial detrimental effect on the general welfare of the school.
See ACLUM, supra note 44, at 3 (arguing encouraging citizens to refer police to neighbors may be counterproductive); supra note 27 and accompanying text (discussing community involvement in relation to success of FSP);