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ACMFAustralian Country Music Foundation (Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia)
ACMFAustrian Country Music Federation (Austria)
ACMFAllied Central Mediterranean Forces
ACMFAdvanced Cranio-Maxillofacial Forum (Stryker Corporation)
ACMFAirplane Condition Monitoring Function
ACMFAdaptive Chip-Matched Filter
ACMFAssociation of Conservative Missional Fellowships
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The SEC is a signatory to the Memorandum of Understanding on the ACMF Pass under the Asean Capital Professional Mobility Framework, together with the securities regulators of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
"These initiatives complement the measures introduced by the ACMF on collective investment schemes, corporate governance, disclosure standards and capacity-building," said the SEC.
Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ranjit Ajit Singh, SC Malaysia Chairman and also ACMF chairman, said, "The establishment of this trading link is an important step towards encouraging ASEAN investors to invest in ASEAN.
ACMF's chairman Datuk Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh said the five qualified funds were approved by the Securities Commission of Malaysia and the Monetary Authority of Singapore while the SEC Thailand was in the process of reviewing one fund application.
In addition, Ahmed was also responsible for supervising the ADB's TA and advisory work in support of integration of regional capital markets in ASEAN under a programme conducted with the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum (ACMF) focusing on harmonisation and mutual recognition of national regulatory frameworks.
(102) Recognizing the individual circumstances of each member country, the ADB report suggested that the regulators of capital markets, specifically the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum (ACMF), take measured steps toward harmonized capital-markets standards, achieving mutual recognition frameworks, and developing exchange alliances.
En el caso de Medellin (Colombia), la consultoria se ha caracterizado por desarrollarse de manera dispersa y fragmentada, no hay un gremio que se preocupe porque esta actividad sea regida por unos estandares de calidad y profesionalismo; lo mas cercano a ello son los parametros etico - profesionales que plantean organismos como FEACO, (2) ACMF (3) y ZEN-NOHREN, (4) pero son poco conocidos en el contexto local.
It is now the Association of Management Consulting Firms (ACMF), "the collective voice for the community."
Thus, it was defined a hierarchic system of aerodynamics complex macro-features (ACMF), features and an aerodynamic airfoils database.
The MoU supports other initiatives by the Asean Capital Markets Forum (ACMF) such as the Asean Collective Investment Scheme and Asean Disclosure Standards and Streamlined Review Framework.
With its modular and flexible design, the newly opened Andover Clinical Manufacturing Facility (ACMF) will expand the capacity for Pfizers BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences organization to manufacture clinical supplies.