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Other key partner organizations for this important collaborative include Armstrong School District, ACMH Hospital, ACMH Foundation, Children's Community Pediatrics-Armstrong, and Armstrong County.
However, the Board of ACMH did not agree with my arguments that ACMH needs to pay adequate compensation to retain top-level fund managers nor did they follow my lead in sacrificing personal bonuses and compensation, or in contributing ACMH shares to the funds.
In fact, I remain the largest single shareholder in ACMH - with my ex-wife and children also holding substantial stakes - and I intend to continue to fight for shareholder value in ACMH and hope to contribute in that role in anyway I can.
I hope that my leaving ACMH will force management to realise that its most important assets are its highly skilled investment professionals.
ACMH was running out of space in which to store hard copies of these images.
Fortunately, after hearing about the benefits of PACS while attending a regulatory meeting, some administrators did begin to ask why ACMH didn't have such a system in place.
It took another six months "to build the system," he notes, because the vendor who supplied ACMH with its hospital information system had to write interfaces between the two systems.
29 on the ACMH Hospital grounds, also near Kittanning.
The ACMH Hospital Foundation has contributed more than $20,000, and the Armstrong County Community Foundation $2,500 toward the effort.
We are pleased to be working with Armstrong School District, ACMH hospital, and Children's Community Pediatrics-Armstrong to help these kids take an important first step toward a lifetime of good health within the supportive environment of their schools.