ACMHRAlabama Christian Movement for Human Rights
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In almost every way, the ACMHR mirrored African American Baptist churches.
The influence of the church and its peculiar culture on the ACMHR stands out most vividly in the organization's weekly mass meetings.
A study of the membership of the ACMHR in 1959 by sociologist Jacqueline Clarke, who polled 254 members, showed a striking similarity between the female members in Baptist churches in Birmingham and those in the ACMHR.
Her pastor Nelson Smith had become secretary of the ACMHR and was an avid supporter of the organization.
The ACMHR choir, formed in 1960, was intended to enhance the spirituality of the Monday night meetings.
Also, ACMHR ushers saw themselves as providing a service for an organization that was creating change for blacks in Birmingham.
A few women served in leadership roles within the ACMHR.
When it was banned and the ACMHR organized, she joined at the first meeting and on the recommendation of her pastor was made corresponding secretary.