ACMOSAutomatic Control Modelling and Simulation (international conference)
ACMOSAnalysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy
ACMOSAutomatic Customer Message Outputting System
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Energetic balancing and psychotherapy: Energetic balancing and symptom reduction is obtained with ACMOS, acupuncture, and neural therapy,
Request for quotations : lubricant for acmos 48-405 rough forms or equivalent, cleaner for acmosol 130-28 forms or equivalent, coating for acmos 43-4 trays or equivalent, coating for finishing forms acmos 43-2422 or similar, pre-coating for rough forms acmos 43- 2434 or equivalent
ACMOS 82-2405 release spray was applied in-mold and then the multilayer structure airbrushed on.
Output signal levels include TTL, ACMOS, LVDS and LVPECL.
Cover for throat rings acmos 43-2414 or analog 24 liters (s)
After mixing with the calculated amounts of hardener and catalyst, the dispersions were cast into preheated aluminum molds, which were treated with a release agent (Acmosan 82-6007, Acmos Chemie).
Manufactured both with and without a silicone content, the Acmos release agents can be used in any process where a sticking problem may occur.