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I assume ACMS does a good job and that its owners are solid citizens.
The search side of ACMS enables companies and organizations searching for an audit committee candidate to explore whether there might be a CPA candidate who meets the needs of its boards of directors.
The scheme's independent chairman, Brian Ashall, said: "The ACMS has been looking after consumers' interests since it was first launched in 1962, but it is felt a reminder of what we stand for is overdue.
ACMS and other affiliated colleges of Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) are unique in character because there is no quota or any kind of reservation in admission.
Furthermore, the live scans and ACMS are necessary to participate in the FBI Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).
Using the BISNet ACMS, agencies and brokers can significantly reduce the painful paper and labor-intensive processes of enrollment and administration, and reduce to 2 weeks what has traditionally taken 60-90-days to implement.
ACMS is a worldwide, distributed system providing interoperable communications, including encrypted voice, data, teletype or facsimiles, between numerous installations on vehicles, ships, submarines and aircraft.
PACE ACMS includes order management and clinical repository modules, as well as PACE's bedside data capture and clinical pathway capabilities.