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It is likely that a complete genomic characterization of CLL requires a combination of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array profiling for comprehensive genome-wide analysis of acquired genomic copy number aberrations (aCNAs) and loss-of-heterozygosity (LOH) in dominant clones, and karyotyping for detection of balanced translocations, isochromosomes, and marker chromosomes.
The concept of elevated genomic complexity (multiple aCNAs per CLL case) is reinforced as one of the strongest biological traits associated with aggressive CLL with short survival.
of isolation Anti-biogram NPO600 Nagpur (Central) ACFzNaS NPO701 Nagpur (Central) ACNaS NPO702 Nagpur (Central) AFzNaS NPO706 Nagpur (Central) ACFzNaS NPO708 Nagpur (Central) AFzNaS NPO709 Nagpur (Central) AFzNaS MUO7 Murshidabad (Eastern) CFzS LHO359 Ludhiana (Northern) AFzNaS LHO469 Ludhiana (Northern) AFzNS LHO477 Ludhiana (Northern) FzNaS ALO53 Alleppey (Southern) FzS ALO58 Alleppey (Southern) ACFz ALO59 Alleppey (Southern) AFzNaS ALO62 Alleppey (Southern) FzS ALO64 Alleppey (Southern) ACFzS Fragment size (kb) using Strain no.