ACNBAdams County National Bank (Gettysburg, PA)
ACNBAustralian Commonwealth Naval Board
ACNBAmerican Chiropractic Neurology Board, Inc. (Houston, TX)
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Headquartered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, ACNB Corporation is the USD1.7bn financial holding company for the wholly-owned subsidiaries of ACNB Bank, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Russell Insurance Group Inc., Westminster, Maryland.
This per share amount will result in aggregate dividend payments of more than $6.2 million to ACNB Corporation shareholders for 2018.
ACNB was founded in 1857 and serves its marketplace via a network of 22 retail banking offices.
The dried extract (56.85 g) was dissolved in distilled water (1.5 L) and further partitioned in succession with 1.5 L of n-hexane (for ACNH), dichloromethane (for ACD), ethyl acetate (for ACE), and n-butanol (for ACNB), with each procedure in triplicate.
These reports crossed correspondence from the Admiralty informing the ACNB that "the results of experience of the China Squadron be awaited before any action is taken to arrange for the co-operation of the Royal Australian Navy".
The deal will see Frederick County Bank, FCBI's wholly-owned subsidiary, being merged with ACNB Bank.
In comparison to a year ago, ACNB Corporation paid a total of $0.60 per share for the first three quarters of 2017 and an aggregate of more than $3.8 million to shareholders during the same period.
In fast growing category, the seven isolates included were AcPb, AcNd, AcHl, AcWs, AcAn, AcBl and AcJg; medium/moderate growing category the six isolates included were AcSt, AcOs, AbBd, AcAb, AcAk and AcLt and in slow growing category the seven isolates included were AcJl, AcYt, AcDl, AcAm, AcNb, AcNs and AcSl.
23 November 2016 - Pennsylvania-based bank holding company ACNB Corp.