ACNISArmenian Center for National and International Studies (Yerevan, Armenia)
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According to Zhamanak daily, ACNIS will be closed in the near future as there is no financing.
To be short, at present we are reorganizing ACNIS, which will undoubtedly go on functioning", - Sargsyan
The press service of ACNIS reports that the meeting brought together the quarterly's contributors, other leading analysts, policy
ACNIS director of research Manvel Sargsian welcomed the audience with opening remarks and conveyed hope that the volume
ACNIS strives to raise the level of public debate and seeks to broaden public engagement in the public policy process, as well as
The event featured brief presentations from ACNIS analyst Edgar Vardanyan and Armen Martirosyan, the deputy chairman of
Drawing upon the historical experience of other countries, ACNIS analyst Edgar Vardanyan underscored the game changing
Over the past eighteen years, ACNIS has acquired a prominent reputation as a primary