ACNJAssociation for Children of New Jersey (now Advocates for Children of New Jersey; Newark, NJ)
ACNJAdvocates for Children of New Jersey (formerly Association for Children of New Jersey; Newark, NJ)
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On the other hang we were able to appreciate that ACNJ's use of the data was producing changes in state policy at a pace that we had rarely seen or experienced.
Despite these tensions in our partnership, working with ACNJ also led to the wonderful opportunity of having our research be seen and heard by a broad audience.
As part of their agreement with the Foundation for Child Development, ACNJ was charged with using the findings from the research to help improve policy.
After the Abbott decision, ACNJ catalyzed the formation of an early care and education coalition whose members are brought together on a regular basis to discuss strategies for both implementing and improving the quality of early childhood services in the state.
ACNJ used its connections with other agencies to organize several public forums.
The partnership with ACNJ provided us with the means to bring our policy-focused research to many more people than we traditionally would have been able to reach.