ACNSAnglican Communion News Service
ACNSApplied Cryptography and Network Security
ACNSApplication and Content Networking System (Cisco)
ACNSAmerican Conference on Neutron Scattering
ACNSAcademic Computing and Networking Services
ACNSAmerican Clinical Neurophysiology Society
ACNSAIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia (Canada)
ACNSAutomated Copyright Notice System
ACNSAdvisory Committee on Nuclear Safety
ACNSAircraft Carrier Navigation System
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Cisco ACNS allowed us to scale to deliver content from Web servers anywhere in the country.
Joe Volesky, leader of the Windows Services Group within ACNS, said, "Using EqualLogic for Exchange provided a strategic advantage in reducing the manpower and time dedicated to storage.
For example, the world leader in the production and marketing of protein products is an Altiris and Cisco ACNS customer and has about 12,000 nodes to manage around the world.
SurfControl Web Filter for Cisco Content Engine running ACNS is a total content security solution that gives customers access to a database of more than 6 million sites in 40 well-organized categories and in more than 65 languages.
ACNS will own 51% of the initial stage joint venture through two of its subsidiaries and Baotou Steel will own 49%.
96 million shares are from certain shareholders of ACNS, which in aggregate, constitute 96% of the total issued and outstanding shares of ACNS.
In addition to utilizing Cisco routers and switches for high Quality of Service (QoS) and multicast delivery, the CMN is built on a network of ACNS Content Engines, which service more than 100 remote sites worldwide.
Tivella is a Cisco AVVID certified partner and provides highly integrated solutions based on Cisco Content Networking products including ACNS and IP/TV.
In the ACNS interview, Archbishop Eames also acknowledged that, "it would not be putting it too strongly to say that there is a sense of betrayal in parts of the Communion about the actions in North America.
The report includes extensive examples, including Avistar, Glowpoint, Marconi's ViPr(TM), VCON's Progressive Communications, Path 1 Network Technologies, Cisco Systems ACNS, Omneon Networks and PBS, and Scopus' Intelligent Video Network.
Citigroup, showcasing the value of the combined solution, is using Media Publisher and Cisco ACNS to facilitate rich media communications for internal training, meetings and briefings.