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ACOAAdult Children Of Alcoholics
ACOAAtlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
ACOAAmerican Committee on Africa
ACOAAnterior Communicating Artery
ACOAArizona Center on Aging
ACOAAssociation Canadienne des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes (Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists)
ACOAAdaptive Course Of Action
ACOAAustralian Council for Overseas Aid (Australia)
ACOAAlternative Course of Action
ACOAAlternate Course Of Action
ACOAActivity Center for Older Adults
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Name of Aspects Studied the Artery ACA Right and left size difference ACoA Presence or absence.
In our study, we are focusing on four key economic development organizations (GHP, NSBI, ERDT, ACOA).
Our Government is pleased to support SimplyCast and a growing number of other Nova Scotia firms that comprise the province's burgeoning IT sector,” said the Honourable Peter MacKay, Regional Minister for Nova Scotia, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, on behalf of the Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (ACOA).
To find the most appropriate virtual machine to deploy the SaaS service component and related data component, three aspects in the calculation process need to be considered carefully as defined below to understand our use of ACOA for solving this optimization issue [6, 9-11].
Anteriorly, it is bounded by anterior communicating artery (ACoA).
Dayton, a psychologist, trainer in psychodrama, creative arts therapist, and teacher, offers a guide for adult children of alcoholics (AcoAs) to understanding the cumulative trauma that addiction or dysfunction can create in their lives, to the extent in which suppressed pain from childhood reemerges and is experienced and lived out in adulthood.
The ACOA often associates not maintaining control in a relationship with being weak, needy, dependent, and abused (Brown, 1988, 1999).
After controlling for ethnicity, hierarchical linear regressions indicated that ACOA categorization significantly predicted age at first drink, [beta] = -.12, p < .05, [pr.sub.i.sup.2] = .01, such that ACOAs tried their first drink .82 years earlier (M= 15.26 years, SD = 2.95) than non-ACOAs (M = 16.08 years, SD = 2.97).
Hypervigilance in regard to social interactions and communications can become a way of life for an ACOA long after leaving the alcoholic home (Ruben, 2001).
The potentially harmful impact of growing up ha an ACOA home necessitates the investigation of the theory that college student ACOAs have higher rates of substance abuse, are more defensive, and are more codependent than are their non-ACOA peers.