ACODAlgemene Centrale der Openbare Diensten (Brussels, Belgium)
ACODAdult Children Of Divorce
ACODAdjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (NY law; criminal matter is dismissed after specific time)
ACODAtlanta Council of Directors (Georgia)
ACODA Constellation of Doubt (book)
ACODActual Cost Of Damages
ACODArmed Contractor Oversight Division
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Acod said they could not provide a police escort to the mayor at the moment.
Information provided by Acod said that the bus originated from Caloocan City and was on its way to Baguio city when the accident happened.
The systems based on Clo-ETH modified with DSA, ODA, ODOH, and AcOD increase their basal spacing in the presence of the epoxy resin, giving rise practically to the same values (about 34 [Angstrom]).
Acod identified the two fatalities as front seat passenger Melba Suarez and bus conductor Joseph Ryan Mesana Lalong.
La concentracion serica de colesterol (CHOD-PAP, Human[R], 10019), triacilglicerol (GPO-PAP, Human[R], 10724) y acidos grasos no esterificados (AGNE, NEFA-C, ACS- ACOD, Wako[R], 994-75409), se determinaron a 546 nm, utilizando un autoanalizador COBAS MIRA plus[R] (Roche, Alemania).
ACOD of 4lb 8ozon his last cast clinched a trophy double for John Syme, of the Clyde Specimen Hunters, in the Clyde and West Region Champion of Champions event.
ACOD liver oil tablets taken every day help reduce inflammation.
The bus driver, Maximo Alday Jr., is under police custody and faces charges of double homicide and multiple physical injuries, Acod said.
And24hours earlier, Lindsay Wilson measured55 fish for 15metres to win an international qualifier at Peterhead.The longest fish, acod of 47 centimetres, fell to Tam McLean.