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"ACOFB also recommends the plan of action associated with the renewal of marine energy in the Hindia and west Pacific Ocean by establishing joint research in association with the scientific community, providing information on climate change impact for decision makers, and an initiative on the establishment of an international oceanography committee," explained Saut.
According to Saut, ACOFB 2013 produced seven approved strategies, first among them a coordinated action to increase investment and collaboration based on the proven approaches.
The ACOFB in Bali was inaugurated by the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Republic of Indonesia and attended by a number of Asian ambassadors and state representatives, practiotioners, researchers, academics, NGOs, entrepreneurs and Asian international and regional organizations, amounting to 214 attendees, with participants coming from 42 countries.
Sharif, the result of ACOFB 2013 is expected to be in accordance with the commitment of Indonesian government in managing marine and fisheries sector.
"Through these ACOFB and MFIF, it is also expected to affect the fulfillment of marine and fisheries investment that supports blue economy concept," Mr.