ACOFSAssistant Chief Of Staff (Written As Acofs When Used)
ACOFSAustralian Council of Film Societies (est. 1949)
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In 2014, I was assigned as the Eighth Army ACofS G-2, clearly a different environment than my C-2 days in Iraq.
One of my last acts as the Eighth Army ACofS G-2 was finalizing the field grade slate.
The ACofS, G2, Intelligence, is the commander's principal staff officer for all intelligence matters.
The ACofS, G3, Operations, is the commander's principal staff officer in matters concerning operations, plans, organization, and training.
The ACofS, G4, Logistics, is the commander's principal staff officer for the commander in matters of supply, maintenance, transportation, and services.
NETCOM Regulation 25-4 and the NETCOM Elevated Privilege Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures document is a combined effort of the NETCOM 9th SC(A) ACofS, G-6 IA Division and the Fort Huachuca Network Enterprise Center IA Division.
To increase user compliance with DoD and Army requirements for elevated privileges, the ACofS, G-6IA Division along with the Training Readiness Officer of the newly created Cyber Division have teamed to populate NETCOM HQ profiles and certifications within the Army Training and Certification Tracking System.
COL Toner adapted, overcame, and succeeded in his position as V Corps' ACofS, RM.
The ACofS for Intelligence, Major General Joseph A.
He serves as the Technology Planner for III Corps ACofS G6, Fort Hood, Texas.