AcOHAcetic Acid
ACOHA Challenge of Honour (band)
ACOHAsian Conference on Occupational Health (Occupational and Environmental Health Society)
ACoHAdult Children of Heterosexuals (band)
ACOHAdvisory Committee for Operational Hydrology
ACOHAdvisory Committee on Homeless in Folsom (est. 2005; California)
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Flavonoids (I-m) were isolated from an ethanolic extract of aerial parts of Dryopteris villarii by preparative paper chromatography in BAW (n-butanol-acetic acid-water, 4:1:5, upper phase), 15% AcOH (acetic acid) and BEW (n-butanol-ethanol-water, 4:1:2.
2 ng/mL (PFOS, PFDA, Et - PFOSA - AcOH, Me - PFOSA - AcOH).
5] - AcOH (v/v 1:1) The quantitative determination was carried out by spectrophotometry with the aid of calibration curve.