AcOHAcetic Acid
AcOHAdult Children of Hoarders (research)
AcOHA Challenge of Honour (band)
AcOHArt Cars of Houston (Houston, TX)
AcOHAsian Conference on Occupational Health (Occupational and Environmental Health Society)
AcOHAdult Children of Heterosexuals (band)
AcOHAdvisory Committee for Operational Hydrology
AcOHAdvisory Committee on Homeless in Folsom (est. 2005; California)
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On this basis, the 1-tetralone was treated with Br2 water using AcOH and/or H2SO4 as a catalyst.
The high equivalents of H2SO4 or AcOH as solvent yields only dibromo 16 product (table 4).
001mole) and the appropriate aldehyde or ketone namely; p-chlorobenzaldehyde, p- hydroxybenzaldehyde, cyclopentanone and cycloheptanone (5a-d), respectively, in 25 mL of ethanol containing 1 mL of glacial AcOH was refluxed in each case for 12 h.
Equimolar quantities of 80% hydrated hydrazine and a few drops of glacial AcOH were added and product was formed in 3-4 hours and confirmed by the developed TLC.
2 ng/mL (PFOS, PFDA, Et - PFOSA - AcOH, Me - PFOSA - AcOH).
5] - AcOH (v/v 1:1) The quantitative determination was carried out by spectrophotometry with the aid of calibration curve.