ACONAAsanteman Council of North America (Richardson, TX)
ACONAAdvisory Council On Naval Affairs
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The ACONA group consisted of 10 males and 30 females ranging in age from 18 to 57 (M = 30.
In correlating ACOA versus ACONA group membership with total CAST scores, Pilat & Jones reported a validity coefficient of .
At that time, Fitch IBCA was concerned about the increase in goodwill that would be created at AFCC and ACONA as a result of the Avco acquisition and the risks inherent in raising long-term capital to fund the acquisition.
Since the Avco announcement, AFCC and ACONA have been very successful in raising the necessary capital to fund the acquisition, demonstrating the company's strong access to public capital.
The preliminary plan is that the domestic assets will be held at ACONA and the international assets will be held at AFCC.
Debt-to- tangible equity at ACONA will remain within the historical range of 7.
Given the quality of the collateral, the financial strength of ACONA, and the servicing capabilities of AHF, Fitch IBCA believes certificateholders are adequately protected by the available credit enhancement.
Additionally, AFCC financed a substantial amount of its capital contributions to ACONA with debt, thereby creating significant double leverage of roughly 115%.
Commercial paper backup at AFCC and ACONA is prudently maintained at approximately 75%, consistent with an 'F-1+' rating.
5 billion at 3/31/96) primarily include its investments in ACONA ($38.
ACONA will continue its funding activities as it has in the past, targeting leverage at approximately 7.
ACONA represents the majority of AFCC's consolidated assets.