ACOPSAdvisory Committee on Protection of the Sea
ACOPSAutomatic CPU Overheating Prevention System
ACOPSArt and Craft Of Problem Solving
ACOPSAdvisory Committee on Physical Security
ACOPSAccepted Codes of Practice (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974; UK)
ACOPSAdvisory Committee on Oil Pollution of the Sea
ACOPSAgricultural Cost of Production Survey (Mauritius)
ACOPSAutonomy Coping Skills Optimism Problem Solving
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And so, with due respect, I address this letter to the present SSS management: Pray tell, dear sirs and madams, where had that old and fairly time-honored control mechanism failed such that you have to introduce the Acop and contend, to say the least, with the extra administrative process and difficulties it entails?
Second, given the Acop, I must have been virtually dead in your eyes as far as my retirement pension was concerned and still alive with respect to the death benefits I get from my deceased spouse.
Recently we have noticed the onset of stress oscillation during tensile impact of amorphous copolyesters (aCOP) in which no crystallization was involved.
The sheet thickness of the aCOP samples was 0.5 mm.
Tailed dumbbell specimens according to DIN 53448 (A-type) were punched from the aCOP sheets and subjected to tensile impact (DIN 53448).
Since only the detection of the relative heat rise was targeted, an emission factor of 0.9 was selected for the aCOP.
Its use is not straightforward for the dynamic impact of aCOP since, in contrast to the static tensile test when stress oscillations appear only after a considerably large strain value (1-3, 5-6, 8), this phenomenon appears from the beginning of necking during tensile impact of aCOP [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 1, 3, AND 4 OMITTED].
This is a direct evidence of cold drawing that was also observed for the static loading of fracture mechanical specimens of aCOP (15).
Figures 8 and 9 thus corroborate that the stress oscillation in the high-speed cold drawing of aCOP is likely induced by a thermally activated shear deformation processes.
Recall that examples of stress oscillation presented in this paper are mostly related to the aCOP-68, viz aCOP of less tight entanglement structure.
The results of this study focussed on the tensile impact response of amorphous copolyesters (aCOP) can be summarized as follows: