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ACORDAssociation for Cooperative Operations, Research and Development
ACORDAgency for Cooperation and Research in Development
ACORDAssociation de Coopération et de Recherche pour le Développement (French)
ACORDAgent-Company Organization for Research and Development (insurance industry)
ACORDAdvisory Council on Research and Development (UK)
ACORDAsian Centre for Organization Research and Development (est. 1981)
ACORDAssociation for Counselling, Organization, Research and Development
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A holistic, more meaningful view of business processes and the alignment to ACORD messages
I speak not only for the board of directors, but for all ACORD members, when I acknowledge Greg's successful journey with us over the past four decades," says John Leonard, president of The MEMIC Group and ACORD chairman.
SDP would also pace up as well as alter the standards management process, which will create quality and usability for ACORD member organizations.
Q Can users alter an ACORD form to meet their needs whether it's for entry, additional details, or to fit in a window envelope?
I am working on a 2020 project at ACORD to provide a vision to improve planning.
The Most Compelling Case Study Award and the Property & Casualty Outstanding Contribution Accomplishment Award recognized Concord Group Insurance for implementing ACORD Standard Messaging and/or making a significant contribution to the development of ACORD Standards.
Maciag was hired in 1977 to launch the ACORD Form library, which became the beacon for industry standardization and set the groundwork for a dynamic expansion in the following decades.
The Russian market is especially interesting because of its great potential, says Puneet Bharal, head of implementation services for ACORD.
The ACE designation program meets a specific industry need for ACORD standards implementation experts, according to Beth Grossman, chief learning officer for ACORD.
They have been a long-time supporter and implementer of ACORD Standards and this action shows their dedication to advancing standardization across the industry.
Just look at any employment website and you will see countless resumes claiming to have ACORD expertise.
The advantages to working with ACORD messaging and standards is clear.