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ACOSArc Cosine (Inverse Cosine)
ACOSAdvisory Committee on Safety (IEC)
ACOSA Change of Seasons (Dream Theater album)
ACOSA Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time; book 7)
ACOSAustralian Chamber Of Shipping
ACOSAssociazione Cattolica Operatori Sanitari (Italian: Catholic Association of Medics and Paramedics)
ACOSAnti-Capitalist Operating System
ACOSAutomatic Change-Over Switch
ACOSAircraft Certification Office Subsystem
ACOSAutomated Commissary Operations System
ACOSAdaptive Cognitive Orthosis Shell
ACOSACCS Common Operating System
ACOSArmy Common Operating System
ACOSAt Change of Shift
ACOSAssistant Chief of Staff (also seen as A/COS)
ACOSAmerican College of Surgeons
ACOSAssociate Chief of Staff
ACOSAmerican College of Osteopathic Surgeons
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Why, THE mill--the mill as takes up so little room that it'll work inside a Stone Jug; and always goes better when the wind's low with people, than when it's high; acos then they can't get workmen.
Utilizing Citra Health Solutions' technology and support services, ACO Health Partners was one of only 27% of ACOs nationwide receiving 2014 shared savings from CMS.
While there are more than 400 accountable care organizations in the United States today, the Pioneer ACOs are an elite group with proven expertise in data integration, care coordination and population health.
Here's how the numbers stack up: in 2014, 181 of the 333 MSSP ACOs generated some level of savings, while 152 ACOs in that program generated no savings; and 15 of the 20 ACOs in the Pioneer ACO Program generated some level of savings, while five generated none.
com/research/pjbxjd/us_aco_it) has announced the addition of the "US ACO IT Spending Outlook 2018" report to their offering.
Like the Pioneer ACO Model and the Medicare Shared Savings Program, ACOs that successfully reduce the cost of care may keep some of the savings.
Either way, the numbers of ACOs in operation are comparable to the numbers of IDNs before them--excluding those organizations with more creative and looser definitions of ION.
make four useful contributions to the study of ACOs and to health services research more generally, based on their first national survey of ACOs that is a milestone in itself:
When PPACA was passed, ACOs were touted as a way to lower health care expenditures under Medicare and encourage collaborative care among providers.
ACOs -- federally chartered networks of doctors and hospitals that share responsibility for patient care, starting with seniors -- were created as a tool for slowing Medicare spending.
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Earlier this year, Atlantic ACO in New Jersey, a collaborative effort between Atlantic Health and Valley Health System, notified its 50,000 Medicare beneficiaries via mail of their enrollment in the ACO; roughly 350 patients called a hotline set up for patients seeking further information.