ACOSAAssociation for Community Organization and Social Administration
ACOSAAmerican Council of Spotted Asses (est. 1969)
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The documents allegedly signed by Motormexa and that according with the expert witnesses appointed by the District Attorney's offices as falsified, have as date of issuing July 15, 2004; therefore, at the time the alleged crime of fraud was committed against Motormexa and the Covarrubias family, ACOSA was a subsidiary of Simec and Mr.
Nor was any of the money due to Banca Cremi, Banco del Oriente, and Banco Interestatal, who were the original lenders of the money, as certified by the 53 notes payable (Attached) that these same banks gave to ACOSA under a contract signed in 2003.
Under this contract ACOSA has the obligation to pursue the collection of these notes and share 50% of the monies collected with the Instituto de Proteccion al Ahorro Bancario (IPAB), an institution that is part of the Mexican Government, which means that not only does the Covarrubias Valenzuela family have an unpaid liability to ACOSA, but also to the IPAB for an amount in excess of 160 MILLION US DOLLARS.
Over the last 15 years, the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups has at least once come very close to withdrawing from CSWE; and several times in recent years serious thought has been expressed within ACOSA to have its annual meeting separate from the APM, because members have felt that CSWE did not sufficiently respond to the teaching and research concerns of macro-practice faculty.
TERRY MIZRAHI President, National Association of Social Workers JOHN MORRISON Chair, Association for Community Organizations and Social Administration (ACOSA) ALICE JOHNSON Coordinator of Operations and Administration, ACOSA MARIE WEIL Founding Editor, Journal of Community Practice
During the time that ACOSA belonged to the group, the company carried out various actions with its debtors in the portfolio that was assigned to ensure its recovery, among these actions, the restructuring of all claims by the companies of the Covarrubias Valenzuela family.