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ACOSSAgence Centrale des Organismes de Sécurité Sociale
ACOSSAustralian Council for Social Services
ACOSSAction Coalition of Strikers and Supporters (Detroit, MI)
ACOSSAlabama Course of Study: Science (Alabama Department of Education)
ACOSSActive Control of Space Structures
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Indeed, funding is one of the sector's most pressing concerns as the nature of government funding changes towards a more competitive, short-term and prescribed funding environment (Fitzgerald 2003; ACOSS 2005;).
ACOSS has called on the Australian Government to develop a comprehensive social inclusion framework with an explicit anti-poverty strategy.
ACOSS (2004) Summary of Key Data The Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services and ACOSS.
The ACOSS report draws on a study by the Social Policy Research Centre, in collaboration with ACOSS and member organisations, that surveyed access to essential items across the Australian population in 2006.
Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) (2005) Australian Community Sector Survey 2005, ACOSS Paper 138, Strawberry Hills, ACOSS.
During the 1990's there was a great deal of work undertaken that identified a significant number of potential negative impacts of contracting on community sector organisations (ACOSS 1996; ACOSS 1999; House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Community Affairs, 1998).
Firstly, a big thank you to Clare Martin and everyone at ACOSS for the invitation to take part in today's discussion.
In this edition, Peter Davidson, ACOSS looks at data comparing living standards and financial hardship among different groups of low income Australians, especially those receiving income support payments.
This contrasts sharply with the description of ACOSS governance structures in 1996, which is predicated on
This contract provision relates to a set of vocational training courses in the field of office for the benefit of employees of ACOSS.
ACOSS will be looking to next year's budget for continued investment in this critical area of social infrastructure.
When Mendes looks at some of the non-government players, particularly ACOSS he does so with particular authority' as his PhD discussed the history of ACOSS.