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ACOSTAdvisory Council On Science and Technology (UK)
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A On the other hand if we rank the states of Western Europe by acost per megabita then the UK really suffers and is ranked 21st out of the 29.
He has served on numerous advisory committees, including ACOST, the Prime Minister's Advisory Committee on Science and Technology (1989-92), and is currently Chairman of ACME (the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education), and a member of the US National Academies' Committee on Setting Priorities for National Science Foundation Sponsored Large Research Facility Projects.
One influential authority has argued that "an active informal venture capital market is a pre-requisite for a vigorous enterprise economy" (ACOST, 1990, p41, emphasis added).
Reportedly responding to pressure from the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee, Thatcher will now permit the government's Advisory Council for Science and Technology (ACOST) to publish a review of Britain's S&T efforts and priorities every three years.
One of the highlights of 2009 was upgrading the hotline at acost of $2 million, changing of motors from DC to AC and upgradation of thesoftware and hardware.
According to the commission, there were "extensive private commercial dealings between the Andersons and Francis beginning in 1996, including Francis contracting with Landscaping by Anderson and Brook Bound Nursery for various projects at acost of about $150,000, and the Andersons
Mike and Tina's family have privately funded the first three doses of Cetuximab at acost of pounds 12,000.
Woodhorn Museum and Archives Centre in Ashington - which was revamped with lottery cash at acost of pounds 16m - was officially opened by the Princess Royal last October.
As the influential Advisory Council on Science and Technology (ACOST) report noted: `[t]he amount of resource available is a major determinant of the pace at which a technology can be advanced in a given time and how quickly marketing networks can be extended' (ACOST, 1990, p43).
meters at acost of SR 12 million, modification andbeautification of the entrance of the region(SR 8 million), projects of asphalting,lighting and pavement work in Romahregion and its villages (SR 19 million), two projects for preventing dangers of floodingincluding expansion of the pedestriancrossing bridge in Romah valley at a costof SR two million, disposal of garbage(SR 750,000), traffic safety project (SR1.4 million), project for construction ofirrigation network and digging of a well(SR 600,000), and carrying out studiesabout municipal projects (SR 800,000).