ACOSTAdvisory Council On Science and Technology (UK)
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ACOSTS might include an arrangement fee, survey fee and insurance premium if the amount is most of the value of the house, but substantial savings can still be made as many societies waive these expenses or refund some of the cost.
Instead, the 2011 tariffs for these two branches are to be set on the basis of the so-called long-term parameters method, which, although being more progressive than the current acosts plus' approach, does not stipulate as high tariff growth as the RAB-based system.
The news has come as a pleasant surprise for investors, who have in recent months been somewhat disappointed over how the Russian electricity distribution sector has been switching from the obsolete price-setting system, based on a acosts plus structure' (which did not stimulate companies to curtail costs and invest funds in development) to a more up-to-date Regulatory Asset Base (RAB) tariff system.