ACOTApple Classrooms of Tomorrow
ACOTAmerican College of Technology (Saint Joseph, MO)
ACOTAtlantic Coast Old Timers
ACoTAssociateship of the College of Teachers (UK)
ACOTAdvanced Communications-Computer Officer Training
ACOTAnalog Channel Operational Test
ACOTAmerican Civilization On Trial
ACOTA Cherry on Top
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Notably, ACOT recommended amending NOTA to give HHS discretion in further defining "valuable consideration.
Feedback from teachers in the ACOT project revealed that numerous technical problems were encountered because of the amount of equipment such as the printer and scanner they dealt with every day (Sandholtz et.
ACOT was a research and development collaboration among public schools, universities, research agencies and Apple Computer, Inc.
Student achievement was discussed in some of the early ACOT publications, including Number 7, ACOT Evaluation Study: First and Second Year Findings (Baker, Gearhart, & Herman, 1990).
5 While several industry-sponsored research projects were initiated, none was more ambitious than the ACOT project, which began at multiple sites in 1985.
ACOT death verdict was recorded for a six-month-old baby when nobody knew he had seven fractured ribs, Cardiff Crown Court has heard.
Integrating technology into classroom instruction: An assessment of the impact of the ACOT Teacher Development Center Project.
La investigacion del proyecto ACOT (Salas de Clases del Futuro), desarrollado en Apple por Baker, Gearhart y Herman en 1994, tuvo como objetivo evaluar el impacto de tecnologias interactivas en cinco establecimientos educacionales.
As part of a pilot test for a different study, students also completed at this time a revised version of the ACOT instrument (Chen and Olsen 1989)--an instrument used to measure cognitive complexity.
In addition, as the ACOT project progressed, students demonstrated exalted enthusiasm that resulted into increased initiative beyond required assignments.
ACOT research in inner-city schools showed that "high computer access" had little effect on achievement & the variable most people look to when judging educational interventions.