ACOWAudubon Council of Washington
ACOWAppraisers' Coalition of Washington
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At the present time, ACOW is actively engaged in advocating a bill to establish a registered trainee appraiser classification under Washington state law.
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Yesterday,as a team of painters attempted to restore it to its original colours, the apparent pranksters sho wed up, wearing masks and protesting that they thought it looked better as acow.
SALES of the Midgeater,apounds 650 device that attracts and kills midges by mimicking the scent of acow,are soaring with300 sold in May.The side-effects of half a dozen randy bulls mooching about your back door,are it seems,a small price to pay.
``We began to think that she might have tried to give birth but failed because she was making a terrible noise which is a bit unusual for acow. At one point we thought that she might even have to have aCaesarian section.''
Miss Marsh said: "I don't eat animals - I could never eat a dog and I don't see how a chicken, acow, a sheep or a pig is different because all animals have a mind and a personality.