ACP Group

ACP GroupAfrican, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States
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In their statement, the ACP group described the Supreme Court decision as significant and constituting 'a remarkable moment for Kenya'.
The medium of contrast agent given was also lower in the Amulet group, as compared to the ACP group (150.2 [+ or -] 83.9 ml for ACP versus 128.8 [+ or -] 46.0 ml for Amulet, p = 0.03).
He said the talks came at a crucial moment for the ACP group and its future.
Lome1, which was signed by 46 ACP countries and 9 European countries in 1975, marked the beginning of cooperation between the EC and ACP Group of countries.
The Cotonou Agreement must end by 31 December this year and will be replaced by a general system of preference (GSP)--a more general, less preferential agreement--unless the ACP groups can reach an agreement with the EU.
Ruling could hurt Caribbean economies From the beginning, Caribbean producer nations belonging to the ACP group have criticized the US for pursuing the complaint.
The Cotonou Agreement sets the framework for relations between the EU and the countries of the ACP group.
October 3, 2008 (ACCRA) -- The Sixth Summit of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP Group) has called for the deferral of the International Criminal Court (ICC) indictment of the Sudanese President in order to allow political solution for Darfur crisis.
The second issue will be to reaffirm the identity of the ACP Group. There is a recognition among the 71 member states that beyond objective common interests such as commodities, the group is a heterogeneous club of former European colonies tied by economic and cooperation links with the EU.
Both sides said they were "satisfied" with the final agreement, with EU Development Commissioner Andris Piebalgs calling them "extremely constructive and positive" and Paul Bunduku-Latha, Gabonese deputy minister for economy, trade and tourism and president of the ACP group saying the revised agreement would "enable us to reinforce and deepen our dialogue as partners".