ACPFAmerican College of Physicians Foundation
ACPFAsia Crime Prevention Foundation (est. 1982)
ACPFAveraged Coupled-Pair Functional
ACPFAmerican College of Phlebology Foundation (San Leandro, CA)
ACPFAdvanced Capacity Planning Forecast (UK)
ACPFAverage Cycle Per Fragment
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Specifically, we recommend that a revised policy approach provide for the use of ARS's ACPF watershed planning GIS tool and accompanying soil and land use databases to develop HUC 12 maps for watershed plans.
However, the ARS's ACPF GIS tool makes such tracking possible.
Africa seems to be ill-equipped in law, policy and practice, to provide its children with enough safeguards when they are adopted internationally," said the ACPF (http://www.
But adherence to these guidelines is not effectively enforced, and ACPF reveals that very few countries have entered into formal agreements to fully legitimize the adoption process.
Implementing the Information Rx protocol was a complex process and required more organization than the seeming simplicity of the protocol or the NLM and ACPF process toolkits had suggested.
The NLM and ACPF toolkits and support are helpful but not sufficient to assure acceptance and use by physicians and organizations.
To date, the ACP and ACPF have distributed more than 500,000 patient guides and more than 80,000 clinical care guides, both of which emphasize a team-based approach to diabetes care.
This is also an indication that MCAF and ACPF mediated their effects via the cholinergic and L-type calcium channel activation mechanisms.
However, the contractile effects of ACPF, and MCAF were mediated by stimulation of muscarinic, nicotinic receptors and activation Ca channel, since atropine, hexamethonium and nifedipine were able to antagonize the effects appreciably.
Last year, ACP and ACPF produced three educational tools for practicing internists, other health care professionals on clinical practice teams, and their patients:
To date, ACP and ACPF have distributed more than 500,000 patient guides and more than 80,000 clinical care guides.