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ACPHAdvisory Committee on Population Health (Canada)
ACPHAir Changes Per Hour (air conditioning)
ACPHAmerica's Crisis Pregnancy Helpline (Dallas, TX)
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quinaria at four out of seven loci (Acph, Est, Lap, and Mdh-1).
Moreover, in two additional loci (Acph and Hk-1), the Lab population is fixed for alleles that have low frequency in P1 and P2.
3 Providing And Replacement 1.50Tr Wtac With 1.50Tr Energy Efficient Stac At D Ii 19 Residence Of Acph Rashtrapati Bhavan New Delhi
The buffer systems for the polymorphic enzymes used in this study were Werth's (1985) system 1 for AcPH, a modified recipe (Hamrick pers.
Genetic linkage relationships between two enzyme loci, Est-2 and Acph, in the mosquito Aedes ( Finlaya) togoi.