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ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACPIAssociation of Career Professionals International
ACPIAccelerated Climate Prediction Initiative
ACPIAcademy for Coaching Parents International
ACPIAdvanced Control and Power Interface
ACPIAmerican Crime Prevention Institute
ACPIAnglican Church Planting Initiatives
ACPIAtlantic Canada Petroleum Institute
ACPIAviation Crime Prevention Institute, Inc.
ACPIAudit Commission Performance Indicator (UK)
ACPIAudit Commission Performance Indicators
ACPIAssociação Portuguesa dos Consultores em Propriedade Industrial
ACPIAdaptive Color Plane Interpolation
ACPIAsaba Components Philippines, Inc.
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For acpi, this means refashioning manufacturing from mass production to individualized orders tailored to its two major markets: multi-unit residential construction and single-family home builders.
Last week acpi announced the launch of two new brands to offer their customers new tools, better product value and more professional customer support.
We are also preparing for the release of Microsoft Windows 2000 by providing ACPI support, a feature promised in the Windows 2000 platform," added Wong.
About American Clean Power: ACPI, through its subsidiary, The Solar Center offers its customers solar electric and solar thermal generation systems to help meet their energy needs.
For more than 18 months we've quietly, very aggressively reinvented the company from top to bottom to prepare us for more business and to serve our customers better," said Nick Billig, CEO of acpi.
Noise coupled into these circuits can result in "illegal" ACPI state transitions and power upsets that lead to loss of critical data.
When the PC is placed in the ACPI S3 sleep state, the outputs are switched to the 5V standby supply available in ATX style power supplies.
The HIP6501A replaces as many as 29 external components used in a discrete ACPI power management implementation.
ACPI power manages the PCI bus, PCI devices and functions,
In 1996 ACPI accounted for $100,389,000 or approximately 90% of the Company's total sales for the year ended December 28, 1996.
The ISL6537 and ISL6506 offer an unmatched level of regulator integration with the capability of regulating six different PC motherboard voltages with full ACPI compliance.
ACPI enhances power management in PCs to provide a low-power sleeping state that can be used instead of turning the PC off.