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ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers (UK)
ACPOAnti Child Porn Organization
ACPOAcción Cultural Popular
ACPOAssociation of the Chemical Profession of Ontario (Canada)
ACPOAcute Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction
ACPOAboriginal Community Police Officers (Australia)
ACPOAssistant Chief Probation Officer (corporate title)
ACPOAssociation of Corporate Privacy Officers
ACPOAllowable Cost per Order
ACPOAdult Care Providers of Oregon
ACPOAngeles City Police Office
ACPOAdvisory Committee on Postulants for Ordination
ACPOAircraft Position Operator
ACPOAdvanced Composites Program Office
ACPOAssociate Contractor Project Office
ACPOAdhesive Coated Products of Ohio
ACPOAutomatic Cable Printer Operator
ACPOAfghan-Canadian Professionals of Ontario (Canada)
ACPOAssistant Command Post Operator
ACPOAssociation of Chief Probation Officers
ACPOArmy Civilian Personnel Online
ACPOArmy Comptroller Proponency Office (US Army)
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pdfThe Service Provider will be expected to deliver each current and any future driving scheme under the NDORS programme to the ACPO specification.
The ACPO policy says: "It is important that officers retain their operational discretion; taking into account that khat has historically not been a controlled drug and was part of the culture for certain communities linked to the Horn of Africa.
ACPO, which represents the most senior police officers in the UK, is accused of lifting parts of his book without permission and making it free to download on the website.
It emerged during the investigation that ACPO, through its Terrorism and Allied Matters Committee, had directed the spending of pounds 3 million of Home Office cash on the 217 CCTV and automatic number plate recognition camera network and that the system was installed without full consultation with either the city council, local communities and even the West Midlands Police Authority.
The ACPO International Annual Conference 201 takes place in Houston, Texas between 1 and 4 August.
Every police force is audited on its use of informants and is subject to an annual inspection by the Office of Surveillance Commissioners to ensure compliance with the law, ACPO said.
Steve Allen, commander in the Metropolitan Police Service and ACPO lead on honour-based violence, said: "To the best of our knowledge, 12 people are murdered every year for transgressing someone else's perverted notions of honour.
ACPO asked the Taliban to reopen schools and let children continue their classes.
In patients with ACPO, non-invasive ventilation has been shown to produce a rapid improvement in physiologic parameters and a reduction in the intubation rate and mortality (Masip 2005).
By working with ACPO to understand the issues, the Co-operative Group has been involved in an initiative with several po lice services to cut the number of false alarms and retain officer response.
Liberty boss Shami Chakrabarti rejected the conclusions by Michael Todd, the chief constable of Greater Manchester, on behalf of ACPO.
Initially, I was enthusiastic about its potential as a resource for the clergy and lay people who constitute the ACPO assessors and diocesan candidates' committees.