ACPOCAssociation of Children's Prosthetic-Orthotic Clinics
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GW: We have conducted AcPOC trials across a large number of therapeutic areas, including potential treatments for allergy, diabetes, obesity, depression, dermatology and schizophrenia.
The AcPOC design will be different, not just for every therapeutic area, but for each target within the therapeutic area.
However, these clinics often do not have experience in recruiting patient populations, which is needed in many AcPOC designs.
GW: One critical component in performing AcPOC studies is having a method of quickly compiling the safety data so decisions can be made about the safety of the compound before proceeding to the needed dose.
CP: What services do you provide associated with AcPOC?
We have designed many AcPOC studies across a number of therapeutic areas, conducted the clinical portion, performed the data management, analyzed the bioanalytical and clinical laboratory samples, ran the biostatistics, as well as prepared the final clinical study report.