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ACPOSAssociation of Chief Police Officers in Scotland
ACPOSAcoustic Position
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ACPOS have written to all 37 councils calling for compulsory licensing.
Strathclyde Assistant Chief Constable Campbell Corrigan, who leads on football issues for ACPOS, said the final decision on FBOs rests with the courts.
ACPOS believe vehicle seizures are having an impact and are now considering extending the Vehicle Forfeiture Scheme to include other offences.
And Malcolm Dickson, of ACPOS, warned more hours of drinking could lead to "more violence".
Chief Superintendent Brian Anderson, of ACPOS, said "As we come to the end of week three of this campaign, I am horrified our figures are rising compared to the same period last year.
Andrew Cameron, chief constable of Central Scotland Police and chairman of the ACPOS personnel and training committee, said: 'It can be difficult to identify people with racist views.
Scots Police chiefs' body ACPOS said that although it welcomed the report, Scotland was still vulnerable to drink- related crime.
Yesterday, Chief Superintendent Brian Anderson, of ACPOS, said: "The message must get out to this minority of drivers who continue to risk their lives and the lives of other road users - don't risk it.
ACPOS President David Strang claimed: 'No officer has been or will be required to wear any such undergarments that have already been worn by anybody else.
David Mellor, Deputy Chief Constable of Fife Constabulary and Secretary of ACPOS General Policing Standing Committee added: "All eight Scots forces helped make the Amnesty a success.
ACPOS have made it clear they believe cutting special payments would be the best scenario for Scotland's forces.
Jim Littlejohn, of ACPOS, said the changes were brought in to ease fiscals' workloads.