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ACPOSAssociation of Chief Police Officers in Scotland
ACPOSAcoustic Position
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Lothian and Borders Assistant Chief Constable Graham Sinclair, speaking for ACPOS, said: "Suspects were detained and interviewed and numerous items of equipment have been seized.
During the initial consultation, ACPOS said the plan would "affect frontline policing delivery" and that "any change programme will increase the risk of a fall in performance over the short term.
An ACPOS spokesman said: "The games were used to allow those using them to get used to the PDAs and have since been disabled.
An ACPOS spokesman added: "The public should be reassured the number does not reflect 27 people who have been unaccounted for over a long period of time.
ACPOS secretary William Rae told the justice committee considering the Bill in March: "Individuals who would commit crimes of a sexual nature rarely come into police custody and opportunities to record their fingerprints and DNA are limited.
Assistant Chief Constable Allan Moffat, from police chiefs' body ACPOS, said: "By travelling, motorists may be putting themselves at serious risk.
ACPOS confirmed the review will get under way to see if any lessons could be learned.
The campaign, which is coordinated by ACPOS, will run until Monday.
Assistant chief constable Iain Livingstone, ACPOS head of public protection, said: "We know that children have been protected from harm as a result of the disclosures we have made and the practical steps that have followed.
Maureen Brown, Assistant Chief Constable and Youth Issues Portfolio Holder of ACPOS, sponsors of the Unsung Hero award, says:
ACPOS have imposed what is effectively a blanket ban and that can't be healthy.
Strathclyde Assistant Chief Constable Campbell Corrigan, who leads on football issues for ACPOS, said the final decision on FBOs rests with the courts.