ACPPAustralian College of Pharmacy Practice
ACPPArise Citizens' Policy Project (Montgomery, Alabama)
ACPPApplied Computing Platform Provider
ACPPAfrica Conflict Prevention Pool
ACPPAccess Control Point Program (US DoD)
ACPPApple Care Protection Plan
ACPPArchitecture-Centric Project Planning
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The test showed that gorillas regulate ACPP similar to humans, which suggests that the human-chimp ancestor did the same.
In this reported study, once the final assigned diagnosis was made for the 100 control subjects using the appropriate criteria, diagnostic sensitivities and specificities of the TCPP and ACPP for ACS patients were compared.
Another major difference between the 2 chest pain protocols reported by Caragher et al was that the ACPP incorporated serial biomarker measurements of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) and myoglobin in addition to total CK and CK-MB mass assays.
Gene Localization annotation prediction SwissProt localization Tissue specificity KLK3 (PSA) Secreted Secreted protein Primarily prostate ACPP Secreted No annotation Primarily prostate VEGF Secreted Secreted protein Ubiquitous FN1 Secreted Secreted protein Ubiquitous ZWINT Not secreted Nucleus Moderatea AMACR Not secreted Peroxisome mitochondrion Ubiquitous HPN Not secreted Type II membrane Moderatea We analyzed 7 genes by the secretion and specificity prediction methods described above.
The ACPP now in use at our hospital uses medical history, ECG, and biomarkers CK-MB, total CK, myoglobin, and cTnI to rule ACS in or out in a 9-hour algorithm.
The results of the biomarkers from the ACPP were all unknown to the attending physician, including the extra CK and CK-MB assays at 0, 2, 6, and 0 hours.
Retrospective review and comparison of the results indicated substantial improvement by the ACPP, and our institution opened a Cardiovascular Observation Unit, where the accelerated protocol was permanently implemented.
In 2002, NEXCOM was awarded with membership in Intel's ACPP program.
The Intel ACPP program member companies support, enable or deliver Intel(R) Architecture-based solutions for high-performance, communications and embedded applications.
ACPP members must meet Intel's strict criteria for quality assurance, manufacturing and design capacity in their development of software and board-level products for the applied computing marketplace.
The inclusion of Aaeon and Nexcom into the ACPP program should expand the availability of Intel Architecture-based building blocks throughout the Asia/Pacific region," said Joe Jensen, general manager of the Embedded Intel Architecture Division.
Teknor's partnership with Intel through the ACPP program accelerates our ability to offer customers just what they need, when they need it," said Jan-Philippe De Broeck, board level product manager at Teknor.