ACPPAAmerican Concrete Pressure Pipe Association (Virginia)
ACPPAAustralian Catholic Primary Principals' Association (est. 1979)
ACPPAAsbestos Cement Pipe Producers Association (Arlington, VA)
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It describes in detail the national standards and quality control measures in place for the design, manufacture and installation of pipe, including a review of AWWA Standards Council documentation and an explanation of the ACPPA Compliance Audit and Certification program.
The Attorney-Client Privilege Protection Act (ACPPA) of 2008 was reintroduced last night before Congress adjourned for recess; the first bill's original sponsor, Senator Arlen Specter, noted in his floor statement that the ACPPA of 2008 is grounded in the principals and original intentions of the 2007 bill, which passed the House under the leadership of Judiciary Chairman Conyers (D-MI), Ranking Member Smith (R-TX), Crimes Subcommittee Chairman Scott (D-VA) and Crimes Subcommittee Ranking Member Gohmert (R-TX).
Concrete pressure pipe, manufactured by members of the ACPPA, is now compliance-certified.