ACPRAdjacent Channel Power Ratio
ACPRAriel Center for Policy Research (Israel)
ACPRAccredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency (Canada)
ACPRAdjacent-Channel Power Rejection
ACPRAdjacent Channel Protection Ratio
ACPRAmerican Crossbred Pony Registry
ACPRAdvanced Core Performance Reactor
ACPRAverage-Case Performance Ratio
ACPRAgence Commerciale Paul Rascalou (French: Paul Rascalou Commercial Agency)
ACPRAssurances Courtage Prévoyance Retraite (French insurance brokerage firm)
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3 dB maximal ACPR improvement at 37 dBm and a 8 dB maximal ACPR improvement at 40 dBm by introducing CRLH-TL.
It is shown that an ACPR improvement of 24 dB at [+ or -]20 MHz offset is obtained after linearization.
In 2007 she decided to pass on the knowledge she had gained in her business by writing her first book, A Guide to Promoting Your Business, which brought together all Antonia had learnt over four years running ACPR.
The ACPR annual congress of 1939 enabled Munoz to relate with the unionization impetus of publico drivers.
49 (1-2) Day 14 treatment outcome (%) ETF 0 LCF 0 ACPR 100 Characteristics Artesunate plus chloroquine (n = 26) Female : Male 11 : 15 Mean age in years (Range) 6.
One-button PowerSuite (CHP, OBW, ACPR, SEM and spectrogram), which makes power measurements and signal monitoring simple and intuitive.
Lesley Campbell, RN, CNeph(C), Lindsay, ON, Maryann Schneider, PharmD, RPh, BSP, ACPR, Lindsay, ON
The banking firm is to provide support to enable marketplace operators to carry on their business and help them comply fully with the regulations issued by ACPR, the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority.
The ACPR also stated that, in France, the exchange of bitcoins against a currency requires a license as a payment services provider.
Invoke XBRL reporting solutions are perfectly aligned with the emerging European regulatory use-cases of COREP and FINREP under CRD IV and Solvency II, making Invoke the partner of choice for major supervisory bodies (such as the European Banking Authority, Banque de France - ACPR and Deutsche Bundesbank), as well as for multinational groups in the banking and insurance sectors (such as Credit Agricole, Danske Bank, CNP Assurances, Groupama, Danica Pension and many others) who fall under the scope of both local and European regulatory imperatives.
Both the MXG and EXG deliver low EVM, output power up to +27 dBm, and ACPR of up to -73 dBc.