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ACPSAlexandria City Public Schools
ACPSAmerican Connemara Pony Society
ACPSAcrocephalosyndactyly (Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome)
ACPSAéro Club Paris Sud (French flight school)
ACPSAssociation Canadienne de Parachutisme Sportif
ACPSAir Cadet Pilot Scheme
ACPSAustralian Carnivorous Plant Society, Inc.
ACPSAutomated Contract Preparation System
ACPSAdvanced Claims Processing System (Medicare)
ACPSAttitude Control Propulsion System
ACPSAmerican Council on Personal Safety
ACPSArchitectural Compatibility Paint Scheme
ACPSAnterior Cervical Plate and Screw
ACPSAda Compiler Performance Test Suite and Test Evaluation Capability
ACPSAutomated Communications Processing System
ACPSAir Craft Propulsion System
ACPSAirplane Creation Process Strategy (Boeing Co.)
ACPSAdvanced Classroom Presentation System
ACPSAdministrative Complex Power Supply (Telabs)
ACPSAdvanced Collective Protection Shelter
ACPSAsset Component Prototype System
ACPSAsymmetric Coplanar Stripline
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In China last week, USGBC staff met with regional technical experts to begin exploring the process of developing ACPs for Asia.
Evaluation focused on barriers and enablers to ACP, and the development of a draft implementation framework to determine the best way to introduce such a toot into practice.
There are 1,137 BGCT churches that have submitted ACPs every year from 1980 to 2008.
ACPs are plans people make, when competent, regarding their preferences for medical care should they lose competence.
Of these genes, we selected 4 differentially expressed genes to validate ACP ddRT-PCR prescreening.
In September 2006, Fort Leavenworth began using handheld ID card readers at ACPs to screen for individuals who were barred from post or had suspended driving privileges.
Articles dealing with ACPs published since 1997 were located and coded.
To support major combat operations in Fallujah, the battalion relocated an A/28 SIG THSDN Node Center from Camp Liberty to Abu Gharayb prison and the ACPs Contingency package and 8MB/s dual home SEN supporting one of the division's BCTs to a FOB between Baghdad and Fallujah.
Although not strongly correlated, UFPs were more correlated (Spearman correlation coefficient r) with ACPs (r = 0.
by a slowdown in activity, reflecting the economic situation in the ACPs, a
for the ACPs, and better mechanisms for encouraging (enforcing?