ACPUAssociation Canadienne des Professeurs d'Université (French: Canadian Universty Professors Association)
ACPUAssociation of Clinical Pharmacology Units
ACPUAverage Cost Per User (telecommunications)
ACPUAuxiliary Computer Power Unit
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The mission of the ACPU shall be to provide a forum facilitating cooperation and the exchange of information and ideas between Clinical Pharmacology Units.
5 VDI ACPU and User Forecast 2013-2023 (million users, $) Figure 4.
5: VDI ACPU and User Forecast 2012-2017 (million users; $) Chart 2.
This software-based, advanced technology requires no additional hardware and utilizes the combined resources of EXECUTONE's advanced dual CISC/RISC ACPU processor in the IDS PBX and EXECUTONE's 486-based voice mail system.