ACPWAsymmetrical Coplanar Waveguide
ACPWAdvisory Committee of the Purity of Water (Australia)
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R]) can be found in the coupling between the metallic patch and the ACPW ground plane.
69 GHz) in the responses of the ZOR antenna, a strip is inserted and connected between the metallic patch and the ACPW ground plane (Antenna 2).
In this paper, we proposed the broadband ACPW ZOR antenna by increasing the [L.
L] is obtained by the meander lines which are connected between the signal patch and the ACPW ground as the shorted stub.
The layered ACPW could be reduced to technologically useful shielded, composite and suspended ACPW.
The E field of the ACPW satisfies the boundary condition[5]
Therefore, the region y [less than] 0 of the ACPW behaves like that of the ACPW CS, where air is replaced by dielectric [[Epsilon].
Part of its groundplane was removed on the side where the strip of the ACPW was connected.
A piece of absorbing material was laid on top of the ACPW slot in order to cancel reflections from the imperfect 50 [Omega] resistor.
The ACPW and slotline are terminated with an open and a short, respectively, which serve as tuners, as shown in Figure 3a.
The transition shown in Figure 5 connects the ACPW to the microstrip from the LO.